See That Tiny Place In The Mountains? It’s Awesome But You Probably Don’t Want To Go There.

At the top of the Matterhorn in Switzerland, one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps, stands a tiny cabin called the Solvay Hut. It’s the highest hut owned by the Swiss Alpine Club, which is the largest mountaineering club in Switzerland. Those huts are meant

Charming woman Rong Yi tenderness as fire

Charming woman Rong Yi tenderness as fire

Car model Cao Tingting Private photos

Car model Cao Tingting Private photos

Mistress Exposes Henan People’s Congress Representative

Henan People’s Congress Representative Denounced By Mistress, Exposes “Bed Photo” Summary: Recently, netizen Li Shanshan posted with her real name, denouncing Henan province People’s Congress Representative Lu Zhiyuan for keeping a mistress, abandoning his own daughter, and using connections to become a People’s Congress representative. Li Shanshan

This Beautiful Little Island Looks Like Paradise… Til You Learn What Happened There

This beautiful little island in Naples, Italy might seem like the perfect little place to retire to, enjoying the relaxed Mediterranean life and nice weather in your later years. Well, that’s if you don’t talk to the locals first, since they believe Gaiola Island has a horrible

Bad News: The Earth Is Swallowing Up Everyone And Everything. Okay, Maybe Not.. But This Is Crazy

  For some reason, in the last decade, sinkholes have been appearing in the headlines more and more frequently. It could be that news outlets are just faster at reporting news, but it’s possible that mining, fracking and other human operations have been weakening the ground below

Super embarrassing moment, Superman flash blind your eyes[Photos]

Life there are always many cattle were lost when the spoof “reason” to make incomprehensible madness.

Underground Korean Malls Charge Illegal Fees For Card Payments

“Since It’s Cheap, Customers Should Pay Our Taxes!” Metro Shops’ Ridiculous Tax Evasion “Oh, Paying by card? W33,000, please.” Last weekend, at Incheon’s Bupeong station, underground shopping mall patron Miss Park (23) found herself in a tussle with a shopkeeper. When asked the price, the store clerk

“Dragon” of a Line for Chinese Job Seekers at Henan Job Fair

50,000 Job Applicants at Zhengzhou Job Fair Line Up in Hundred Meter “Long Dragon” [Long Line] 2014 February 15th, Henan Zhengzhou, the two-day Henan province 2014 Spring job recruitment fair opened at the International Exhibition Center, with job applicants at the scene lining up into a hundred

What Goes On In This Shanty Town Is Controversial To Say The Least. I Can’t Believe It Exists.

Millions of people are living in informal settlements all across South Africa called shanty towns, these shanty settlements consist of thousands of houses referred to as shacks or shantys. At first glance, these photos below seem to offer a glimpse into the harsh lives of the millions